Monday, 6 August 2012

Perfectionism is the Enemy of Blogging

I have a collection of blog posts sitting uselessly on a memory stick. 
They are waiting for me to polish them up. 
They are waiting for me to make them "good enough" for the internet
I have a list of possible blog post subjects saved on my mobile phone. They are waiting for me to have time to do them justice. 
In reality they are waiting to become documents on the memory stick that will never see the light of day because they will wait and wait and wait for me to get around to making them "good enough" to be seen by the world. 
Enough of this! The internet is not the library at Alexandria. My blog is not the Time Literary Supplement. There is no standard to be met. There is no "good enough."
We've all seen the total crap that's out there for Christ's sake. 
This is my personal blog. the whole point is to be rough and incoherent. The whole point is to put out your half formed ideas, for them to be chewed over and shot down and built up again. 
From now on the crap is going up on display. 

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